What Can I Do to Improve the Value of My Richmond Va House For Sale?

There are many ways to increase a home’s value for homeowners on all budgets. Sprucing up your home is important in all types of housing markets and will help sellers stand out among other listings in their area. Improving the value of your house will maximize the amount of return for your sale. Focus on making your property neat, fresh and hospitable. De-clutter, spend your money and time wisely, and invest in the updates listed below to make your home more valuable and more attractive on the market.

Sell Your Richmond Va House

Enhance the Home’s Curb Appeal:

The front of the home is the first thing a buyer will see. First impressions are very important. A home that is beautiful on the outside and the inside will help attract buyers. Tend to the lawn, hedges and flowers. If your yard is maintained, your home will be more attractive to buyers. If you have the extra money, hire a professional landscaping company to help. An inexpensive way to improve your yard is to plant annuals, cut the grass, and weed the flowerbeds. Front landscaping should have good visual appeal and be welcoming.

Improve the Property Exterior:

Apply a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home. Paint the front-entry portion of the house to make the entire property more inviting. After painting, ensure the windows are washed and repair any issues with your walkways. Buyers will notice the poor condition of the home’s exterior and wonder if the interior is just as neglected.

Paint the Interior of Your Home:

Painting the home’s interior is another cost-effective way to make a home more attractive to buyers. Homeowners should be conservative in color choices. Homeowners should use neutral colors because they have broad appeal.

Consider the Condition of Your Floors:

Improve the condition of your home’s flooring. If you have hard wood floors, have them buffed. If you have carpets, have them cleaned.

Make All Major Repairs:

Some older homes are in need of new roofs or updated electrical and plumbing systems. While these repairs add value, they’re not changes that are easily seen. Major repairs cannot be ignored. To determine what needs to be done, property owners can decide for themselves or use a home inspector to professionally inspect the property. Be sure the home inspector examines the roof, electrical system, water and heating systems, the basement, the sewage piping, and the windows.

Place a Warranty on Your Old Appliances:

Warranties are especially important in older homes with older appliances, in the unfortunate case something breaks down; the potential buyer will be protected by the warranty.

Energy-efficient Improvements:

Such improvements, such as adding solar panels, will increasing your home’s energy efficiency and are supplemented with federal tax benefits. Homes that have these upgrades will stand out from other listings.

New Light Fixtures:

Replace old or broken light fixtures. A new light fixture in the foyer makes a strong first impression on buyers. Creating a welcoming and inviting feeling initially will increase the buyer’s interest in the rest of the home.

Update Kitchen and Kitchen Appliances:

Kitchens are very important to buyers. A clean, open kitchen is most desirable. Older kitchens sometimes come with little counter space and cabinetry, few electrical outlets and outdated fittings. Revamping the space will be expensive but you will get close to your return on the investment. For those on a smaller budget, new paint on the cabinets, new door pulls and fresh laminate on the counter tops will make the kitchen more attractive. A real-estate agent with experience in the local market can help you determine whether the upgrade is essential to improving your home’s value.

Clean and Freshen the Bathrooms:

To add value to a home, make sure that all bathrooms look clean and fresh. Get rid of mildew stains on the tiles. Choose neutral colors and focus on effective use of the space. Add new fixtures, new lighting, and retile the floor. You want to present your bathroom sparkling, fresh smelling and well-decorated. Outdated bathrooms affect the sale of a house. If you have spare space on the first floor under the stairs, consider installing a half bath.


Keep your dog out of the house while the home is on the market to ensure the best offer you can get.

Adding Rooms:

Adding extra rooms can help increase the value of your home. You may do this by building extensions or using the space you already have. Making the attic into a bedroom is a perfect way to add extra rooms to your home. Keep in mind that basement renovations tend to be at a higher cost and are not as effective in increasing your home’s value.

Become A Neighborhood Advocate:

Increase your home’s value by becoming an advocate for your neighborhood. Work with your neighbors to keep all homes on the block looking nice. Work with the school board and city council to improve schools. Pay attention to the planning and zoning commission in your neighborhood to keep the underdeveloped portions of your neighborhood part of its charm.

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