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Home staging is an art. Preparing your home to show it to prospective buyers requires a keen understanding of what they want to see. Staging goes much further than decluttering messy rooms. It entails creating an environment that makes it easy for buyers to envision themselves living there. Which of these photos is more appealing?


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So why would you want to stage your home? Because doing so can result in better offers from buyers and a faster sale. Remember, buyers have a lot of options. The more appealing you can make your house, the easier it will be to sell.

With that in mind, we’ll go through the major rooms in your house and offer several staging tips that will ensure your home grabs buyers’ attention. The good news is that you’ll be able to act on each of the following suggestions without hiring contractors or other professionals.

Living Room

The general rule for staging your home is that less is more. That rule should be applied to every room. For example, in the living room, limit the number of items on your bookshelves, coffee table, and couches. Think like a minimalist. Put extra items, such as books, DVDs, vases, and knickknacks in storage.

Next, remove all items that have a personal air. That includes photos, personalized mugs, and pillows that have been embroidered with your family’s names. Personal belongings make it difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.

Also, arrange furniture so that the room appears larger. That means filling the space with smaller chairs and couches and putting large, bulky items into storage.


Most buyers gravitate to the kitchen. This is the area of the house that tends to receive the most foot traffic. It’s where family members congregate and spend time with one another. Buyers will want to see that the space is stylish and clean. Expect them to open the drawers and cabinet doors to peer inside.

Remove unnecessary items from your countertops. Don’t just dump them into your drawers or stash them in your cabinets. Remember, your drawers and cabinets will be opened by curious buyers. Instead, put the items you don’t need into storage.

Also, remove most of the food from your refrigerator. Many of the people who tour your house will not hesitate to open its doors.

If your dishwasher is full, be sure to empty it before your first visitors arrive. As with every other door in your kitchen, it will be opened at some point.


Cleanliness and organization are critical to making your bedrooms appeal to potential buyers. The first step is to declutter them. Get rid of unnecessary chairs, dressers, and other furniture. The less furniture present, the more spacious the rooms will appear.

Next, use a simple color scheme on the beds. Select bedding and colorful throw pillows that match, but don’t call attention to themselves.

It’s also important that your bedrooms appeal to both genders. There’s no way to know whether they’ll have male or female occupants, so play it safe and accommodate both.


The most important thing to remember when staging your bathrooms is to make sure they’re spotless. No one wants to see mildew or grime in the shower, behind the toilet, or in the sink. Before showing your home, spend a weekend scrubbing the tiles, counters, and other surfaces. If the towel holders and fixtures are showing their age, replace them. If the paint is peeling, add a new coat.

Also, it’s a good idea to remove your personal items. Hair spray, toothbrushes, combs, and bottles of cologne should be put away so they’re out of sight. Don’t forget to remove bars of soap and bottles of shampoo and conditioner from your showers.


When buyers enter your home through your front entry door, the first thing they’ll see is the entryway. Although the space may seem inconsequential compared to other rooms, it is still important to stage it. Fortunately, it can be done quickly and easily.

First, get rid of any item that doesn’t need to be in your entryway. For example, if there’s a small table present that is rarely used, remove it. If it’s summertime and you have an umbrella holder sitting off to the side, put it into storage. Your goal is to maximize the amount of open space.

Second, make sure the entry is well-lit. Let natural light come in, if possible. Otherwise, rely on overhead lighting or use a lamp to light the area.

The staging tips we’ve provided above won’t guarantee that your home sells quickly. But they will help buyers imagine themselves living there and encourage them to make serious offers. Those are the keys to selling your home for a price you’ll be happy with.

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