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Why We’re Different

Snipes Properties is an award-winning real estate agency comprised of some of the most talented and experienced Realtors in Richmond Va. Ranked as one of the Top 10 Teams by the Richmond Association of Realtors and listed as one of the area’s Top 20 Commercial Real Estate firms by Richmond Bizsense. Our founders have a vision of creating a boutique firm that truly offers the variety of services that clients need in today’s market. We work with Sellers, Buyers, Landlords, Investors and Tenants because we handle all aspects of Richmond Real Estate from Sales, Leasing and Property Management to Development and Commercial Real Estate services.

A Top 10 Sales Team

We focus on customer satisfaction over everything else and we have grown to become one of the Top 10 Realtors in Richmond Va because of the referrals and loyalty of our clients. We will continue to grow and stay true to our guiding principles. We are fast becoming the biggest name in town that you’ve yet to hear about. Snipes Properties has been recognized for numerous awards including the Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Ruby Awards from the Richmond Association of Realtors Richmond Va

Full Service: We do it all

No matter what your need is, we have developed our team to be able to assist clients with all aspects of today’s market conditions. Whether you are relocating to Richmond and need short term housing before you buy or you can not sell your home and need help navigating the short sales process, we can help! Many firms ignored the changes that took place in the market and have not adapted their skill sets to today’s market. Because our philosophy is centered around our client’s needs, we saw the changes in the market and adapted. We are now one of the only real estate companies in the Richmond area that truly offers this wide variety of services including: Seller Representation, Buyer Representation, Property Management and Leasing, Short Sales Negotiation, Relocation Assistance, New Construction and Commercial Real Estate Representation.

A Vision built on helping our clients

Husband and Wife duo Carter and Annie Snipes founded the firm with the idea of creating a boutique agency that offers a full spectrum of real estate services. Instead of specializing in one service, like residential sales, they saw a need for a company that could offer services to client’s during different stages of life and varying market cycles. Whether a client is buying, selling, relocating, renting or investing; our team can provide a one-stop experience and create value for the life of the client relationship. Since this idea focuses on adding value over the long term, a key focus is the client relationship, itself. At Snipes, it’s not simply about the transaction, the core of our philosophy is about providing value to the client. That can come in the form of helping with real estate needs, of course, but it can also come in the form of recommending vendors, giving tours of the area to people new to town. It can come in the form of analyzing investment strategies or connecting client’s with advisers like Accountants and Lawyers. Because we focus on the relationship and not the transaction, our whole approach to the business is visibly and tangibly different than other firms. Our team of Realtors Richmond Va can handle all of your real estate needs.

Award Winning is not just a Distinction

Because we stay true to our core values, “award-winning” is not just a distinction, it’s literally our business philosophy. By constantly striving for excellence in all aspects of our business, we have earned the loyalty of our clients and the respect of our industry. Since the inception of the firm we have won every award category bestowed by our industry trade association, the Richmond Association of Realtors Richmond Va. Even in the midst of down markets we have been named one of the Richmond area’s Top 10 Realtors Richmond Va. We have been honored for all areas of the real estate business including Residential Sales, Commercial Sales and Property Management and Leasing. If you’re looking for a different approach to real estate, then our agency may be just the place your looking for.


We’re ready to work for you!

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