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Address: 2818 W. Broad Street | Suite B

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Richmond, VA 23230

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Why Use Snipes? 

Whether you are buying, selling or investing in real estate you need Realtors in Richmond Va who know the market and can offer all of the services you need to make your transaction smooth. The professional and experienced team of real estate agents at Snipes Properties offer a wide variety of services to suit the needs of our clients. There are many Realtors in Richmond Va, but the number one thing that sets us company apart from others is that we truly can help you no matter what the situation. If we list your home for sale and you don’t get the offers you want, we can rent your home out instead. If you are moving to the Richmond area and can’t find the perfect home for your needs immediately, we can help you rent something short term while you search for the perfect property. Or imagine a situation where you are trying to sell your house because you are underwater and other Realtors in Richmond Va that you talk with tell you they don’t do short sales. Our company has developed the philosophy that no matter what the market is doing, we are here to help our clients. That is why we offer such a wide range of services. Other Realtors in Richmond Va simply don’t offer the full range of services that we offer and that is why we are among the most successful Realtors in Richmond Va.


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