Most Important Home Repairs

Most prospective homebuyers like to see houses that are in good condition. Unless they intend to buy and flip a fixer-upper, they prefer properties that require minimal work. If you hope to compete against other sellers, you’ll need to make sure your house is free of major problems. Otherwise, you might have a tough time finding a buyer.

This article will highlight the 6 home repairs you must address before listing your property on the market. Some are cosmetic. They improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. Others are practical and will heavily influence whether you receive serious offers.

#1 – Clean The Gutters

Curb appeal is critical when it comes to selling your house. The better your property looks, the more favorable the impression buyers will have of it. For that reason, it pays to clear out your gutters before the first buyers arrive. Leaves and other debris can accumulate to the point that your gutters become an unsightly mess. Clean them out to make the exterior of your house appear uncluttered.

#2 – Fix Leaky Faucets

Fair or otherwise, leaky faucets give the impression that your home is unkempt. Worse, they suggest there may be other problems that lurk unseen.

Fortunately, fixing a dripping faucet is relatively simple. First, turn off the water underneath your sink. Then, grab a wrench. Most leaks are caused by failing washers. If you have a compression faucet, that’s likely the root of the problem. If your faucet is washerless – as is the case with ceramic disk and cartridge models – the problem is likely to involve the O-ring.

If you’re completely unfamiliar with your faucet, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a plumber.

#3 – Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint

The paint inside your home can fade over several years. Whether it is bleached by the sun or made dingy by indoor smoking, its color can gradually lose its luster. An easy way to breathe new life into your house’s interior is to apply a new coat (or two) of paint.

Select neutral colors that won’t turn off prospective buyers. Now is not the time for deep reds and greens. Instead, choose beige, tan or muted yellows.

#4 – Repair Damaged Floors

Years of constant foot traffic can make any type of flooring appear used and abused. Whether you have carpet or hardwood floors in your house, now is a good time for a close inspection. If you have carpet, look for stains or discoloration. If you have vinyl flooring, look for loose segments that have become separated from the underlayment (plan to remove the baseboards to fix the problem). If you have hardwood floors, look for deep gashes and scratches.

Shabby-looking floors will turn off potential buyers. If you see signs of disrepair, contact a flooring contractor to have your floors fixed.

#5 – Fix The Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen will attract considerable attention from buyers. Many families spend a majority of their time together in that area of the house. For that reason, it pays to make it appear as attractive as possible. If your kitchen is gracefully designed and outfitted with stainless steel appliances and beautiful cabinets and drawers, buyers will be more inclined to submit offers.

Years of use can spoil the gloss and sparkle of your kitchen cabinets. Take the time to apply a new coat of paint on them. If you want to highlight your cabinets’ natural wood appearance, sand them down and stain them for added shine. Note that multiple coats of stain will make them appear darker due to deeper saturation.

#6 – Purge The Smell of Cigarette Smoke

If you or someone in your family smokes indoors, the interior of your home probably smells like cigarette smoke. Many potential buyers will find the odor to be offensive. Take steps to purge it from your house.

Open the windows to allow fresh air into your home. Then, clean the walls with an ammonia-based cleaning agent that is able to counter the scent of cigarette smoke. Bear in mind that smoke can get trapped in the ceiling. Hence, you’ll need to clean the ceiling in every room. Wipe down, vacuum, or wash any surface that may have come into contact with cigarette smoke. That includes your floors, doors, drapes and windows.

If the smell of smoke persists after taking those steps, you may need to use more aggressive measures. For example, you might need to repaint your walls or replace your carpeting.

Once you decide to sell your home, it’s important to make small repairs that you’ve neglected or missed. Doing so is a key part of prepping your home for sale. The time, effort and money you spend will reap big dividends when prospective buyers visit for a tour.

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