I found this site online and then realized that the creator of it lives in Richmond, so I thought I would share it. It’s a pretty nifty little tool. In the past I have created my investment property pro forma with Microsoft Excel to analyze various deals, just like this tool, but this one is very robust. It IS an excel file, but it has some great pre-built formulas that make plugging in your numbers really easy. I use both of these programs, RentalValuator and RehabValuator. They are very detailed, but still pretty easy to use. I recommend the premium version for all of the upgraded reporting and using the tutorials, which will show you things like a Cash Out Refi Analysis. Also, his flipping version, RehabValuator, has a formula that calculates the ideal acquisition price for any flip deal, so you never overpay for a property.

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  1. Anca Markie

    I use both of Daniils software tools RehabValuator and RentalValuator. Although the free version offers a lot, I would recommend you pay the extra few dollars (less than $100ea) to upgrade to the “full” versions. I’ve been a RE entrepreneur for several years and I think what he offers is the best and most valuable software on the market!

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