5 Simple Steps to Make Closing on a Home in Richmond Va smooth:

For first time home buyers in Richmond Va, the stress of searching for the ideal place, securing the mortgage and moving in can be overwhelming, but many home buyers do not take into account that closing on a home in Richmond Va can also be stressful. Even though home closings usually don’t last more than a few hours, showing up unprepared could delay your move-in date.

Here are simple steps to prepare for your closing to make the move-in process more seamless:

1. Identification

Most people forget that they need to bring two forms of ID to their closing. Notaries will require them at all signings, so bring your driver’s license and a passport.

2. Blank Checks for Unexpected Escrow Items

While most expenses will be paid for within the closing, there may be unexpected expenses that pop up at the end. While such occurrences are the exception not the rules, bring your checkbook just in case.

3. Utility Companies

It is your responsibility to make the move into your new home a seamless transition and that means you’ll need to think in advance to keep the utilities running and set up the cable service. Make sure to have all of the names and phone numbers of the utility services handy when it’s time to transfer the service.

4. Copies of Paperwork

Keeping a copy of everything you have paid for is very important in case you see an identical charge on your HUD-1 Closing Statement. You may have paid for the Home Inspection out of pocket and it was added to the HUD Closing Sheet by mistake. It is your responsibility to be diligent in reviewing all your escrow documents.

5. HUD Statement

Finally, make sure that you keep a copy of your HUD-1 Closing Statement before you leave your closing, these documents are very important to prove the closing costs you paid during closing, which can be tax deductible.

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