Choosing A Realtor

It’s impossible to overstate the value of an experienced Realtor when it comes to selling your home. The right professional will know the local market and have a keen grasp of the factors that motivate potential buyers. That expertise will allow him or her to advise you regarding setting an appropriate price, and promote your listing so it attracts serious offers.

The challenge is finding someone who has the skill set, experience and willingness to do a good job for you.

Below, we’ll give you 4 quick tips that will help you identify and hire the right professional. With so much at stake, you need a Realtor who will represent your interests and help you to obtain the highest possible price for your property.

#1 – Look For The Right Designations

Many Realtors seek advanced training in fields that interest them. For example, some take courses that offer instruction on working with seniors. Others focus on helping military personnel. Still others take classes that train them to work with individuals interested in buying custom-built homes. Agents who finish the coursework receive certification in their chosen fields.

If you need an agent who possesses special expertise, find out whether the person you’re thinking about hiring has the appropriate designations.

#2 – Ask About The Realtor’s Experience

It’s not enough that a real estate agent has experience. The key is that he or she has experience that’s relevant to your needs. For example, if your home is worth $3 million, you’d want to work with a professional who knows how to market such properties. If you’re selling a condo, you’d want someone who has experience selling that type of residence.

The Realtor you hire should also be familiar with your neighborhood. He or she should be aware of how quickly homes tend to sell in your area, as well as the prices obtained for properties similar to your own.

#3 – Review The Agent’s Current Listings

Before you sign a contract with the Realtor, peruse his or her current listings. Find out whether any of them are similar to your home. Although a skilled agent can successfully market a house that is outside his or her niche, it’s advisable to work with someone who specializes in your type of property.

For example, suppose you’re selling a large, 2-story house located in an upscale neighborhood. If an agent’s experience is limited to selling fixer-uppers, that professional may lack the skill set necessary to effectively market and sell your property.

#4 – Interview The Candidate

Just like an employer will interview a potential employee before hiring him, so too should you interview the Realtor you’re thinking about hiring to sell your house. That’s the only way to know whether the individual has the right expertise and approach. Here are a few items to cover during the initial consultation:

Ask the agent to describe how he or she would market your property. The individual’s response will reveal the extent of his or her experience.

Inquire about recent sales handled by the Realtor. Find out how long the homes were on the market and whether the sellers had to lower their listed prices.

Ask the individual how many listings he or she is currently overseeing. The greater the number, the less personal service you can expect to receive.

Inquire about references. Ask the agent if you can contact past clients regarding their level of satisfaction working with him or her.

You can conduct the interview on the phone or in person. Keep in mind, a successful Realtor with several listings may lack the time for an in-person meeting.

Last Thoughts On Selecting A Realtor To Sell Your Home

Hiring a knowledgeable and practiced real estate agent is a critical part of selling your house quickly for an acceptable price. That individual should help you to attract offers from serious buyers, negotiate the price, and expedite the sale. If you’re getting ready to list your home, contact the experienced Realtors at Snipes Properties for the expertise and professionalism you deserve.

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