7 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Richmond Home

Fair or not, prospective home buyers judge properties by their exteriors. The more attractive a house looks from the street, the more buyers and serious offers it will attract. That’s the reason you should take steps to improve your home’s curb appeal before you list it on the market. Devoting a few weekends to enhancing its aesthetic beauty will set the stage for more offers and a faster sale.

Below, we’ll give you several easy ways to add curb appeal for your home’s exterior. Note that most of the following suggestions require little time, effort, or money. It doesn’t take much to breathe new life into your house so that it makes an excellent first impression on potential buyers.

#1 – Trim Back Hedges

When shrubs and bushes are well-manicured, they add to a home’s appearance. But if they grow beyond the yard’s borders – for example, extending onto the walkway leading to the front door – they begin to look unkempt.

Messy hedges are a turnoff to buyers. They imply that the property’s owners take a lackadaisical approach to maintenance, upkeep, and repairs.

Spend an afternoon pruning and trimming the hedges in the front of your house. While you’re at it, remove any dead foliage that is making the area appear lackluster.

#2 – Cut Low-Hanging Branches

If your front yard has trees that haven’t been pruned them in awhile, there are probably a lot of dead or drooping branches attached to them. The overgrowth not only makes your yard seem dreary, but can also obscure the view of your house from the street.

Spend an hour removing low-hanging branches. Doing so will liven up your yard and give it a well-maintained appearance. It will also allow buyers and passersby to get a better look at your home.

#3 – Paint Your Front Door

Your front door takes a beating through years of exposure to the elements. Wind, rain, and the sun’s rays will eventually cause the paint to fade. If you neglect your door for a long enough period, the paint may even start to chip.

Before prospective buyers visit your home, repaint your front door. The fresh coat will give it new zest. A gallon of paint typically costs less than $30, so this project definitely won’t break your budget.

#4 – Clean Out Your Gutters

No one enjoys climbing on a ladder and removing dead leaves, twigs, and other debris from their gutters. But doing so can have a large impact on homebuyers. If buyers notice debris overflowing your gutters, they’re likely to think you haven’t devoted sufficient time to maintaining your home.

Fortunately, cleaning out your gutters can be done relatively quickly. Just be sure to wear gloves. Otherwise, small twigs and other sharp objects might cause painful cuts and abrasions.

#5 – Spruce Up Your Mailbox

The mailbox is one of the most neglected parts of a house’s exterior. Homeowners often allow their mailboxes to become drab and dirty. When dents appear, they’re allowed to remain. When scratches appear, they’re seldom addressed.

But your mailbox plays a key role in a buyer’s first impression of your home. Whether it sits at the side of the road or is mounted near your porch, make sure it looks presentable.

#6 – Install Outdoor Lighting

Lights positioned in front of your home add a touch of style to its exterior. Place landscape lighting along the path leading to your front door. Install decorative lights on the steps of your porch. Use spot and flood lights in your garden to highlight its best features.

Even if buyers visit during the day, you’ll still be able to show them the outdoor lighting you’ve had installed. You’ll find that it’s a great selling point.

#7 – Pressure Wash The Exterior

Over time, dirt will accumulate on the side of your house. It will also collect on your driveway, porch, and patio. It’s important to get rid of it before prospective buyers visit. Otherwise, it will make your property appear dingy.

The easiest way to clear off the dirt is to use a pressure washer. You can outsource the job to a professional or rent a washer and do it yourself. If you choose the latter option, keep in mind that high-pressure models can damage wood.

Your home’s curb appeal with have a major impact on buyers’ first impressions. Invest the time to make the exterior look as clean and attractive as possible. You’ll be able to sell your home more quickly for the price you want.

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